Event Cancellations

Our event cancellation insurance protects you from loss of revenue or net expenses as a result of cancellation, postponement, curtailment, relocation or abandonment of your event for reasons beyond your control. A few examples that may trigger coverage include severe adverse weather (hurricanes, tornados, severe winter storms, earthquakes etc.), venue unavailability (fires, floods, power outages, etc.), threats or acts of terrorism and communicable disease outbreaks. Another cool aspect to our event cancellation program is non-appearance coverage, this protects you against loss of revenue or net expenses associated with key performers or individuals failing to appear at an event thus resulting in its cancellation or postponement. Non-appearance coverage is not automatically included and must be elected; all individuals/performers must be scheduled to the policy. MFE Insurance can provide event cancellation insurance for any events all across North America. Our binding authority with Lloyd's of London and strategic alliances with top-rated U.S. carriers enable us to handle the insurance needs of these events, having hundreds of millions of dollars at risk.

Target Industries

  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Fairs
  • Music Festivals
  • Major Sporting Events
  • Trade Shows/Conventions

Available Limits

Up to $85 million