Are you able to satisfy insurance requirements of state and local permit offices like FilmLA?
Yes, regardless of where you are located we take an active approach to make we deliver your proof of insurance efficiently and on time.
At what point should I buy an annual production insurance policy vs. short term?
This depends on yourwork load over the next 12 months. The cost of 2-3 short term insurance policies equates to the cost of an annual production package which will cover you for multiple productions. Give us a call and we can help you determine what suits you best :)
What is the difference between workers compensation and general liability insurance?
General Liability covers you for bodily injury and property damage claims brought against you by third parties. Workers Compensation does not apply to third parties, it pays for any medical bills and lost wages to employees from work related injury.
Do I need Workers Compensation if I hire sub-contractors?
Anytime an agreement is in place outlining someone to work at your direction for the exchange of money, you will need to carry Workers Compensation, regardless if you are a 1099 or W-2 employee. The only exception is if your subcontractor carries their own insurance naming you as additional insured.
What happens if I am travelling overseas for a shoot?
Simple, just let us know when/if you are leaving the country and we can extend coverage on a worldwide basis.
What happens if I cross state lines am I still insured?
Yes, domestic insurance policy extends coverage to the entire United States and Canada.
How much does production insurance cost?
Special Event Liability starts at $125 per events Production Insurance starts around $350 per shoot for liability only If your production requires multiple type of insurance i.e. inland marine, automobile, workers compensation etc… please contact us for pricing.
Are stunts covered in a production insurance policy?
Stunts, fight scenes, pyrotechnics and other hazardous activities are excluded from coverage. You have the option to include coverage for these activities for an additional premium subject to underwriting approval.
How do I file a claim?
You can do this by either calling your insurance company direct or calling us and we’ll file the claim on your behalf. We always tell our clients to consult the matter with us before calling it in, it just makes more sense. In the event you agent is unreachable which is highly unlikely, we recommend calling the carrier direct.
Can you insure me?
So often we are asked whether or not our firm has the expertise or ability to quote and write insurance for even the strangest of requests and insurance dilemmas. Bottom line – if you need insurance chances are we can help. Just give us a call.
What type of Insurance do I need for my production?
This is a loaded question but it depends on a number of factors. First is how many location (s) will be utilized for the shoot? How many days will be shoot take to complete? Will you be renting any equipment? What is the budget of the production? Our agency can help determine what program will suit you best, but as our customer you have the final say on whatever coverage you decide to purchase. We promise to deliver professional advice and options that are founded upon nearly 40 years of entertainment insurance industry experience.
What is an Independent Agent?
An independent insurance agent has access to many different insurance companies. That being said, we can do the legwork for you – shopping with many different carriers to find the best plan. We are not middle-men. In fact, we have direct writing capability with some of the most well-known insurance carriers the industry has to offer.